Coralai Announces Partnership with Dr. Ronert’s Ingestible Beauty Brand Hush & Hush

By Kate Schwab

Dr. Marc Ronert, European board-certified plastic surgeon, CEO/Founder of Hush & Hush

I had the exciting opportunity to connect with the Hush & Hush team and Dr. Marc Ronert to gain a deeper understanding of the brand’s nutraceutical formulations and how this line continues to set the trends in the realm of internal beauty. Dr. Marc Ronert is a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Founder of @hushandhushofficial, Co-owner of @imageskincare and the Care for Skin Foundation, and author of Age Later. Anyone new to the internal skincare & beauty segment, and holistic skincare experts alike – and those of us somewhere in between – Coralai invites you to read the Q&A below.    

Kate Schwab: How did you get your start in the industry?

Dr. Ronert: From an early age, I knew that I wanted to have a career in medicine and be a doctor. But during medical school in Germany, we attended a plastic surgery conference in Texas, where my trajectory changed. It was 2004, and I was giving a presentation at the conference about tissue expanders. Little did I know that I would meet my wife, Janna, at the conference. She had just launched a skincare line called Image Skincare.

KS: How did your career take shape in terms of beauty brands/retailers? 

In 2018, I started a wellness company called Hush & Hush. We are based on science and transparency, known as the world’s first clean, clinical beauty and wellness line. The brand is problem-solution based and each product targets a specific age- and/or beauty-related concern to limit aging from an internal—and external–perspective.

Our formulas are hyper-concentrated, comprehensive, and work synergistically to provide a daily dose of vitamins and minerals. The simple-to-use products should be taken morning and night, similar to how skincare products are used.

KS: What is your skincare & wellness philosophy? 

DR: The concept behind Hush & Hush is essentially a reflection of my beauty and wellness philosophy. To me there isn’t a difference between beauty and wellness—they are totally intertwined. Very similar to diet and exercise—you can’t have one without the other and be healthy–the same is true for beauty and wellness. If you are nutrient deficient or eating unhealthy foods, for example, it will show on your skin.

KS: How do you envision the Coralai platform supporting you to better serve your clients? 

DR: When I created Hush & Hush, I created it with professionals in mind. The experts of the aesthetics industry hold the key to success for a science-backed brand like ours. 

When it comes to ingestible beauty and wellness products, not all are created equally. We invested a ton of resources into sourcing the highest-quality, cleanest ingredients and then put each product through efficacy studies to prove their results. 

KS: We focused on acne during the month of November. Can you tell us a bit more about the products you would recommend?

DR: Acne is one of the most common skin concerns that affects so many of us at one point of our lives.

When it comes to truly treating acne-prone skin, you have to think deeper than surface level, which led us to formulate our SkinCapsule CLEAR+ supplement. All natural, skin-perfecting ingredients like Vitamin A, pantothenic acid, zinc and a ton of anti-inflammatories, work together to clear up clogged pores, diminish additional oil production and bacteria, and reduce inflammation in the skin. 

We believed so strongly in this product that we spent our time and resources conducting a clinical-study at a third-party lab with volunteer subjects who took SkinCapsule CLEAR+ every day for 30 days. The result was 100% improvement in overall skin clarity.

I would also recommend that anyone suffering from breakouts take an inventory of their diet and nutrition as well. The gut is so closely linked to our skin that what you put in your body matters! 

Try our Hush & Hush PlantYourDay vegan protein powder, plus green juice for a balanced gut on the inside and healthier skin on the outside.

KS: We’ve learned acne is often a side effect of those experiencing rapid hormonal changes. What do you feel is missing from the skincare conversation in terms of reaching clients experiencing acne or other skin-related issues associated with transitioning, pregnancy, menopause, oncology care or thyroid disease?

DR: I think the conversation is just not being had. These are all topics that aren’t regularly attached to beauty conversations, but they are so closely intertwined that they absolutely should be.

KS: What communities/organizations do you support who are helping to add to the conversation?

DR: In 2011 I founded the Care for Skin Foundation in an effort to help wherever skin is needed. This non-profit organization was created to support people who have suffered loss of skin due to accidents, tumors, burns, scars or genetic abnormalities. Our goal is to restore normal facial and body appearance with no-cost plastic surgery and reconstructive techniques to those who could not otherwise afford these types of surgeries.

KS: What does the future hold for you? Current or upcoming projects to tease (personal or professional)?

DR: We are planning several exciting product launches in 2023 around internal beauty. I can’t say too much but they will of course be best-in-class, clean and science-backed.

All to say, my mission is to help the world live younger, longer. And I want to do that through education and through efficacious products. My goal is to create everyday beauty and wellness products with trusted transparency, clean ingredients, and, most importantly, deliver results.

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