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Meridiem keeps your skin hydrated, elastic, and nourished. A buoyant celebration of self-care, apply this whipped body butter liberally across large areas of your body to nourish, protect, and shine. It has been called “a work of art”.

A large and generously-portioned jar of alchemical goodness to be used abundantly and with a sense of abundance. It’s a joy to spread easily and absorbs cleanly, so your skin stays moisturized with a protective barrier while feeling light as air. Bright and zesty. Use it in heaps with no guilt.

Creates a protective barrier for your skin
Uplifts the spirits with freshness
Nourishes with antioxidants and fatty acids to improve elasticity
Energizes with zesty orange, galbanum, and rose
Helps keep your cell walls strong to retain moisture and firmness

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Meridiem is a generously portioned long-lasting whipped butter for the whole body, using a unique blend of luxurious oils that absorb easily to provide your largest organ with a shield of nourishing, tonifying, and calming compounds. Its unique and uplifting fragrance acts upon the mind as well as the body, as an elegant composition of olfactory notes plays out on the surface of your skin while delivering a synergistic blend of compounds to promote the health of your skin. Scoop out a portion to apply to your feet, legs, torso, arms, hands, and even face after a shower or bath, and allow a couple minutes to absorb before getting dressed.

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