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We’re three founders that set off on a mission to tackle some of the fundamental issues in the beauty industry today. 

One of us comes from editorial: Having spent nearly a decade writing across fashion, technology and wellness at Marie Claire and ELLE, she understands the difficulties consumers face in trying to find the right products that will work.

Coralai inspiration

One of us founded a vegan skincare company in 2010: Recognizing early on the challenges with poorly developed and cheap skin care formulas, he brought together US and Swedish dermatologists and estheticians to introduce plant-based skincare systems and reduce the billions of tons of chemical waste that is hurting our global communities.

One of us comes from Corporate M&A: Having the mind of many to challenge the status quo, he envisions new opportunities, tackles everyday challenges, and infuses a humbling sense of reality in our passion-led enterprise.

But we’re not alone. Behind us is a council of professionals that range from aestheticians and dermatologists to consultants that work all over the world. For them, Coralai presents an opportunity to connect with people looking for solutions and to help with their skincare routines and for us, this group of professionals keeps us and our technology honest, flagging inadequacies and making sure we’re up-to-date on the latest. 

Also behind us are teams of incredible technology developers that together, have helped us create one of the most robust skincare ecosystems in the world, allowing you to better understand your skin, get product recommendations, set routines and goals, keep track of your skincare progress, and connect with professionals in person or online all in one place.

Knowing that skincare is attached to healthcare, we take what we’re doing very seriously. And it hasn’t been easy. Integrating the type of complex technology that we have between four teams all specializing in different areas to work seamlessly together (both the technology and the people) has been the journey of a lifetime with its fair share of ups and downs.

Coralai today is the first iteration of our big vision, and a necessary step in correcting some of the dangerous ways that the beauty industry operates today. Right now we have multi-layered technology and a HIPAA / GDPR compliant database; products in our library that our council has hand selected and helped match to specific skincare needs; and a community of passionate individuals that have come together to provide the insights, resources, and skills required to get us this far.

We are incredibly thankful to everyone that has joined us along the way so far, and hope that you’ll join us now to be part of changing the status quo for skincare. 

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