Meet Coralai – The Future of Technology in Skincare and Wellness Retailing

Coralai uses technology in skincare to provide customized solutions for your skin’s specific needs, whether your primary concern is acne or fine lines and wrinkles (or both).

New trends seem to sprout from all corners of the shape-shifting beauty industry. From the TikTok + Instagram ‘realfluencer’ phenomenon (where brands are turning to experts vs. hype-only personalities) to the rise of the virtual esthetician, we understand how technology plays a vital role in connecting brands to consumers across the growing sector. 

The genius of Coralai is our computer vision and artificial technology, which work in harmony with our customer’s personal values and deliver the optimal products to meet their personal skin needs.

Ready, Set, Shop

It’s no secret that skincare brand and product selection can be a bit confusing and, for some, a rather intimidating process. First, you have to set a budget, sift through a ton of options, purchase complementary items that work together and make a commitment that you’ll be able to stick with your routine long enough to see results. 

Sometimes, people may feel as soon as they’ve gotten the hang of the routine, their skin may begin to change or have different issues.

These skin changes could be based on changing hormone levels, seasonality, exposure to sun and humidity, diet and many other factors. Then the cycle starts all over again. In fact, Coralai is one of the only enterprises built with communities undergoing rapid changes in their skin in mind (i.e., pregnant women, those undergoing chemotherapy, and transgender communities) and who are often left to do their own research in hopes they’re choosing the right products and treatments for themselves. 

For anyone and everyone, that kind of trial-and-error approach to at-home skincare can be stressful, dangerous, and expensive.

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Coralai: An Innovative Marketplace to Help You Pick the Right Skincare Products

Coralai has created an easy way for you to stop spending money on products that aren’t suited for your skin type or provide the desired results based on your skin concerns. This is a live skincare marketplace that is accessible right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

The technology-driven platform simplifies your product research with tailored suggestions based on your skin scan image analysis, diagnostic report (complete with your Skin Score based on more than 200 metrics) and lifestyle/skincare questionnaire responses. Coralai will guide you through the process, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and add to your cart with a click.

The platform is a new way of thinking about skincare from the ground up. We make use of technology in skincare by using artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to analyze your skin scan. 

We make it possible to find exactly what you need in a simple and stress-free way.

Technology in Skincare: Your In-Spa or Virtual Esthetician

Skincare is so personal. For the best results, you need the right products containing the proper ingredients and the right advice. That’s where the team of licensed skincare professionals connected to the Coralai platform can help. You always have the option to schedule an in-person appointment (depending on your location), phone call, or virtual video chat. 

Consultations can be booked in 15, 30, or 45-minute timeframes. Note: every online consultant sets their own service rates. In some cases, an online consultant might offer a discounted or free consultation. 

During the consultation, ask questions about your Skin Score, discuss your skin concerns and goals or have a 1:1 conversation about the custom solutions recommended just for you. Our wide range of specialized consultants includes experts in hormonal changes in the skin during pregnancy, menopause, oncology and thyroid disease.

Plus, rest easy; we built the most sophisticated HIPAA and GDPR database for Coralai. All of your data is encrypted, so as you assess your skin overtime, purchase products, meet with licensed professionals, seek in-person treatments and more, your data is secured.

Now you can get personalized products and routines built with a simple, convenient and secure shopping + monitoring + booking experience from one enterprise platform. 

Visit Coralai and experience the “future of skincare.”

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